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Azimio Apologizes Over Lack of Violence in Political Rallies

(“We have fallen short, and we apologize”)

A brief moment of violence was witnessed during an Azimio rally in Ukambani as Party Leader Raila Odinga was on stage. However, much to the surprise of the leaders present, everyone cheered in appreciation.

“We got exactly what we expected,” a local told reporters. “An Azimio rally without some commotion is a waste of time.”

“I will vote Azimio because they always deliver,” another local admitted. “We know them for chaos, and that is exactly what they delivered today. Men of their words, these.”

Talking to reporters, Mr. Muhammed, a senior member of the Azimio team, told reporters that it is their signature campaign tool.

“Azimio without chaos makes our rallies a dull affair,” he told reporters. “Our supporters should expect more exciting rallies,” he continued. “Our Ukambani tour will be crowned by a wrestling match between Nzioka Waita and a tag team of Kalonzo and Mrs. Wavinya Ndeti.”

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