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Babu Owino: Jacaranda Residents are Shot Put Athletes who Practice on Sundays

(Practice Makes Perfect)

Babu Owino has rubbished DP Ruto’s claims that rowdy Jacaranda residents stoned his convoy. Instead, he has revealed that large populations of the area’s residents are trained athletes. Specifically, they specialize in the shot put event.

“Residents from my constituency have had a bad reputation over the years. However, as part of my impressive track record, I have been able to harness their stone-throwing abilities and put it to good use. Very soon, Kenya will be recognized worldwide for the track and field event.” Babu told reporters.

Asked why the athletes were all Azimio la Umoja supporters, Babu replied, “There is absolutely no evidence to support that. Just because they can respond to Vijana fire and tialala does not prove anything.”

One reporter asked why no one had ever seen the team practice and Mr Owino responded by saying that the fateful Sunday was their first practice session. Further, he told reporters that Sundays would be designated for their practice sessions.

“We are told that Kenya Kwanza will hold another rally at Jacaranda in a week on a Saturday. Do you think Kenyans will witness the same events as Sunday?” a reporter asked.

“Hello. Yes. Ooh. Saturday? Ni sawa” Babu pretended to be on the phone.

“I have just been informed that practice sessions have been moved to Saturday.”

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