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Jesus Rejected in Nazareth over Lack of Academic Qualifications

(Only the educated are fit to lead)

This week, Jesus came under fire for lack of academic qualifications. In a recent move to purge uneducated leaders from serving the public in any capacity, Jewish leaders called for the cancellation of Jesus since he only had a certificate in carpentry.

It is reported that after hearing the news of his rejection, Jesus wept.

The Son of Man defended himself and stated that he was perfectly qualified to serve the Jewish people. When asked to produce his papers, he replied, “Have faith that I am qualified. You only need faith as small as a mustard seed.”

It is also widely reported that Senior Pharisee Mr Roba Alai uncovered Jesus’ lack of academic qualification.

“Kateni miti Nazareth,” Mr Alai told reporters. “There’s a new capenter in town.”

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