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Karua and Ruto Locked in Fierce Bible Challenge Competition to the Death

“I shall show her no mercy,” said the DP clutching his bible.

Following their embarrassing bible skills showcase at the recent National Prayer Breakfast, Martha Karua, and William Ruto decided to restore their honour through a battle to the death.

“Hii gitu utaweza my fren? Si ungewacha nipambane na mzee ya gitendawili.” Ruto mocked.

“They don’t call me iron lady for nothing.” Karua confidently retorted.

Both politicians were high on confidence, and the crowd was ecstatic. However, trouble started in the first round.

“Mr. Ruto, you have 30 seconds to share your favourite bible verse and what it teaches.” The moderator started.

“Hehe. That’s an easy one.” Ruto said. “Ruth 4:3. Naomi, who has come back from Moab, is selling the piece of land that belonged to our relative Elimelek.” “My fren, I can only imagine how many acres it was,” Ruto continued as he stared blankly into space, smiling and slowly shaking his head.

“Oookay. Well. Moving on to Madam Karua,” said a visibly confused moderator. “Madam Karua. Yours is to tell us what the famous John 3:16 says.”

“Well. Umm. John 3, umm. Well, I’m not very good at quoting,” Karua stammered nervously.

As the crowd started murmuring, she suddenly shouted, “Harroooooo. Harroooooo.”

The battle was suspended, and a draw was declared.

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