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Local Pastor Starts Support Group for Women whose Nudes have leaked

A distraught Mary Lincoln, whose nudes leaked earlier this month, sought solace from her pastor. Wanting forgiveness ASAP, the gospel artist asked her pastor to pray for her. Asked why she didn’t just ask God for forgiveness herself; she said that her pastor has God’s private number, and she wanted forgiveness immediately.

“How many people do you think are praying to God? Ningefikiwa lini? Connections muhimu, my friend,” she told reporters. “Besides, mambo ni mengi masaa ndo machache,” she added.

On receiving this request, the pastor promptly asked Mary Lincoln to send him the nudes. “I must first assess how bad the situation is, my sister,” he told her in a phone call, “So that I know what exactly to tell God.” “Na usitume Wozzap. Rusha kwa email juu ya my wife,” he told her.

Shortly after receiving the pictures, the pastor announced that he would start a support group for women who have undergone similar public shame.

“It is not right for our sisters to undergo such shame. I mean, I have seen the pictures and I can confidently say that there is nothing to be ashamed about. That is why God has told me to start this support group. Any woman who has suffered a similar fate should come to my church on Sunday, and the Lord will set you free,” he announced. “Do not forget to bring a copy of your nudes,” he added.

The pastor has since opened an Only Fans page, charging a monthly subscription of 310.

Mukhisa Kitui has also asked to join the support group but his application was denied.

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