Masterclass: Introduction to African Proverbs AKA Vitendawili

Mr Odinga has launched his long-awaited course on Vitendawili. The move comes days after his political nemesis, Mr Ruto, launched his masterclass, Bible Memorization Skills for Dummies.

“Some critics think that I went to Germany to learn how to weld. Well, this course is going to prove them wrong.” Mr Odinga told journalists.

“I am among the pioneers of Vitendawili”, he bragged “, and my only wish is to share this knowledge with my fellow Kenyans.”

“Ama mnataka wheelbarrow?” he asked, eliciting a few chuckles from those present. “Sisi hatutaki wheelbarrow. Tunataka kukuza lugha yetu na tamaduni zetu ili tusonge mbele.”

“Since I am a generous man, the proceeds from this course will go towards feeding women and children. Specifically, mine.” He said.

When asked to give a sneak peek into his course, Mr Odinga excitedly shared his favourite Vitendawilis.

“Amefika Sugoi juu ya wheelbarrow akapata miti yote imekatwaa?” Baba asked. After a brief moment of silence, he tried to redeem himself with another proverb.

“Amepiga luku na nguo ya maiti?”

It has since been revealed that Mr Atwoli and Mr Junet were responsible for crafting most of the Vitendawilis.

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