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Paper Shortage Reported after the Publication of Shembeteng Volume 1

“Hii lumbutugha inaenda mpaka majumbutu”

After a guide to the new hip language, Shembeteng, was published by the Government Press, there has been a countrywide paper shortage. The lingo, an evolved version of sheng, has been branded as too confusing. The guide will help Kenyans understand and use the language properly.

“It should be noted that we have only managed to produce one copy of the book.” said a spokesperson for the Government Press.

“We have reports that there may be rampant deforestation in Sugoi or Bondo this year. As a result, we believe that we will have more copies of the book by the end of the year.” He continued.

“The proceeds of the book sale will go to my bank a… Sorry. Will go to the youth who invented an entire dialect.” He told reporters.

The book has since been sold to former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko as he polishes his language skills to engage youth in Mombasa during the campaign period.

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