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Tabitha Karanja Dons Security Uniform to Distance Herself from Keroche Breweries Ownership

Mimi nafanya kama security wa hii kabuni” Mrs. Karanja told reporters.

With reports looming that Mrs Karanja may be barred from running for political office this year due to Keroche Breweries’ tax issues, she has stated that she does not own the company. Rather, she is merely an employee.

Wearing a new security guard uniform and brandishing a baton, Mrs Karanja told reporters that even a security guard like her could run for the governorship seat. “Kazi ni kazi.” She told reporters. “Ata wachana na mimi mutu wa security, hii ugafana ata mama mboga anaweza endea na apate.”

As she addressed the press, a gentleman in a navy blue suit pulled her aside.

Unaware that she was wearing a lapel mic, he whispered to her, “Madam, the KRA officials have just called. They want to speak to you urgently.”

“Hahaha. KR who? You must have me confused.” she said nervously to the bewilderment of the gentleman.

“I will be with them shortly”, she whispered back to him.

When asked what her plans were in case she lost the election, and she answered, “Huwezi jua. Ata Mungu anaweza nibariki nikue CEO wa kabuni kubwa kama Keroche. Hiyo ndio initwo Bottom-up.”

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