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Team Mafisi to Protest Wajackoyah

Controversial presidential candidate, Wajackoyah, has come under fire from Team Mafisi over his plans to export their testicles for foreign exchange. While Team Mafisi has articulated their support for the candidate, especially on his stance regarding marijuana legalization, they lament that their testicles is a step too far.

Armed with “Mafisi Lives Matter” signs, the team marched through the CBD for five minutes before they saw beautiful women and abandoned their protest.

Speaking to our reporters, Team Mafisi chairman argued that Team Mafisi would go extinct thus, there would be no one to disturb beautiful women as well as men to cheat on their girlfriends and wives.

“Wajackoyah promises millions in returns for a pair of testicles,” a reporter told the chairman. “Don’t you think some members would take the deal?”

“Sorry, how much for a pair of testicles?” asked a bewildered chairman. “Give me a moment, please.” He said while making a phone call.

“Hello, is this Kenyatta Hospital? I wanted to enquire whether one can survive with one testicle? Thank you.”

He then turned to reporters and said, “We are extremely sorry. We did not know that Wajackoyah had our best interest at heart. We promise to support him fully.”

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