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Wajackoyah’s Missing Lighter Found on Muthiora Kariara

“Mi wan thank Jah fi dis man.”

Rejected presidential aspirant Muthioora Kariara has been trending for throwing a tantrum after the IEBC rejected his presidential bid. It is also alleged that the lighter he used to burn his voter card was Mr Wajackoyah’s.

After being cleared by the IEBC, Mr Wajackoyah had planned to celebrate the best way he knew until the unfortunate happened.

“Dis is a disaster man. Some bomboclat snatch up mi lighter. Mi an mi running mate can’t even light one up to celebrate our milestone” the presidential candidate lamented.

Mr Wajackoyah, filed a report at the local police station. The confused officers asked why he couldn’t just buy a new lighter.

“You don understand mon. We wan use dis lighter to light up some ganja when we win dis election.” He told them.

He was later bailed out of jail by his running mate Mrs Wamae.

After Mr Kariara was found out, Mr Wajackoyah did not confront him. Instead, he invited him to his house, where they shared some holy herbs while listening to Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds to try to comfort Mr Kariara.

Asked why he did this, he told reporters, “Rasta man is a peaceful man.”

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